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Event Report: The Proliferation of New Districts and Constituencies in Ghana – 30th May, 2018, Accra

IMANI Africa with the support of Odekro PI launched the report titled Proliferation of New Districts and Constituencies in Ghana: The Mismatch Between Policy Objective, Outcome and Impacts on 30th May 2018 at the Mensvic Grand Hotel, Accra, Ghana. The study was funded by STAR-GHANA.

The overall aim of the report was to investigate the extent to which the rationale and mandate prompting the creation of districts and constituencies were fulfilled. The study observed the impact of demarcation of districts on development and the effect of demarcation of constituencies on representation in parliament. Also, an analysis on the possible linkage between creation of new districts and the creation of new constituencies was carried out as a means of observing the presence of possible gerrymandering.

The event assembled key stakeholders from academia, diplomatic community, political parties, public sector, district assemblies and the media. The event was reported by 21 media houses including two of Ghana’s biggest state-owned newspapers (Ghanaian Times and Daily Graphic). On social media, the event was carried live on IMANI’s Facebook page, which reached 6,084 people. The event was captured live on twitter with the hashtag #proliferationofdistricts. IMANI posted 69 tweets, which resulted to 4,817 impressions (people who viewed and interacted with our tweets).



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