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Center for Social Policy

The Centre for Social Policy (CSP) is committed to conducting series of research and advocacy projects aimed at suggesting reforms, drawing policymakers’ attention to critical areas, as well as influencing government decisions in the social sector to improve the social wellbeing of Ghanaians and Africans at large. The focal sectors that have dominated the centers’ activities over the years include education, health, inequality, social protection. Notable projects include the Forum for Education Reform (FFER) a project designed to propose a decentralised management system of education in Ghana while ensuring public and private pathways in delivering quality education. In addition, the Centre periodically collaborates with other institutions and centres within IMANI to undertake projects such as budget tracking and assessment of political party manifestos. In 2013, the Centre collaborated with the World Bank, for an analytical work on Secondary Education in Ghana


Contribute to national socio-economic development policies and programmes to make them more accountable, cost-effective, pro-poor and equitable


Focus areas

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On Health, the Centre analyse critical challenges facing the health sector in Ghana and Africa. The Health reports focus on Healthcare reform, health financing, the role of the private sector, the use of technology, and systems improvements in addressing the challenges within the healthcare systems in Ghana. Specific projects include a review of Ghana’s National Insurance Scheme, review of healthcare spending and practice

As part of our effort to contribute to reducing poverty and inequality in society, series of reports and articles that aims at highlighting their depth and existence in the various sectors of the economy; education, health and agriculture are frequently published. The reports are authored by researchers who provide non-bias results and offer useful recommendations for policy action