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Centre for Energy and Climate Policy

The Centre for Energy & Climate Policy at IMANI is dedicated to finding lasting solutions to the persistent challenges in Ghana & Africa’s energy & climate sector. Despite numerous efforts to address the sector’s issues, progress has often fallen short due to a general lack of a comprehensive “follow through” approach. This underscores the need for remedial measures and their implementation to adopt a new direction and focus.

We believe that solving the energy & climate sector problems requires a multifaceted approach that includes thorough diagnosis of the sector’s issues, the development of innovative solutions, or the adoption of tried-and-tested remedial measures. Crucially, it also involves consistently tracking the implementation of these measures. This holistic approach informs our research and advocacy efforts at the Centre, ensuring that we contribute effectively to sustainable energy and climate policies in Ghana and across Africa.


Center Goals

Areas of Focus

Based in the outlined goals; the following areas of focus for research and advocacy have been carved out;

Improving the Performance of State Actors in the Energy Sector - The Centre for Energy & Climate Policy at IMANI Ghana has developed an Energy Sector Performance Index to enhance the performance of state actors in the energy sector. This index evaluates public sector agencies responsible for energy based on key indicators such as transparency, efficiency, autonomy, and financial accountability. Through this comprehensive assessment, we aim to drive improvements and promote best practices within the sector, ensuring a sustainable and efficient energy landscape for Ghana and beyond.

Enhancing Transparency and Accountability in the Energy & Climate Sector —The Centre for Energy & Climate is steadfast in its commitment to this objective. We have developed targeted research and advocacy projects centered on critical issues within the sector, with a specific focus on contracting in the upstream oil and gas industry, and evaluating the effectiveness of the national oil company. Through these initiatives, we aim to drive positive change, foster greater transparency, and promote sustainable practices in the energy sector, contributing to a greener and more resilient future.