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Our Centers

Centre For Economic, Governance and Political Affairs

The Centre for Economic Governance & Political Affairs (CEGPA) at IMANI is committed to influencing programmes and policies relating to monetary and economic issues, political governance, trade and private sector development in Africa. Through education, research and advocacy, CEGPA seeks to promote higher levels of economic freedom and to drive governments’ accountability in the use of national resources

Center For The Study Of Energy And Natural Resources

The Center for the Study of Energy and Natural Resources at Imani Ghana has as its main focus finding lasting remedies to the persistent problems of the energy sector of Ghana. This is against the backdrop that, despite numerous efforts to remedy the anomalies of the sector, the perceived progress has not been commensurate with these efforts because of a general lack of a “follow through” approach in addressing the problems confronting the sector

Center for Social Policy

The Centre for Social Policy (CSP) is committed to conducting series of research and advocacy projects aimed at suggesting reforms, drawing policymakers’ attention to critical areas, as well as influencing government decisions in the social sector to improve the social wellbeing of Ghanaians and Africans at large

Centre For Science Technology And Innovation Policy (CSTI)

CSTI focuses on the economics of innovation, science and technology policy and regulation in Ghana/Africa and how they affect education, health care, economic development, governance. The Centre conducts research and analysis on Information Technology policy, Telecommunications, Innovation & competitiveness, Infrastructure for sustainable development