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IMANI Annual Report: 2017 Highlights and Plans for 2018

2017 has been one of the best years for IMANI. Our national and international influence has been unmatched in our thirteen years of existence thanks to the support of our partners the team and the media.

IMANI was one of seven globally respected think tanks that were invited by the Italian government to discuss pressing global issues and specific ones pertaining to Africa that were to define Italy’s Presidency of the G7 league of most industrialised and wealthy nations in Rome. We discussed how migration, development, trade and good governance can be balanced to help stem the tide of unspeakable deaths of ordinary Africans who swim ostensibly to enjoy “greener pastures in Europe”.

In 2018, one of IMANI’s first tasks is to formally dialogue with Ghanaian education officials on the subject of low

fee private schools and public-private partnerships to be considered in the Education Sector Plan for the next

five years.

To read more, download our full Annual Report here 〉


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