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10 suggested measures to help contain Corona Virus- Ato Coleman.

? suggested measures to help contain Corona Virus ? – Ato Coleman.

1. Curfew from 8pm to 6am to limit reckless behavior at night.

2. Reduce exempted groups-reduce the number of exempted groups such as fisherfolk, construction workers etc

3. Impose nationwide stay at home.

4.Shut down densely population markets.

5. Do massive food distribution under global humanitarian standards- using WFP, NGOs and FBOs under the leadership of the military.

6. Pursue active case searches in health facilities & communities

7. Scale up social mobilization & community engagement.

8. Test dead bodies since 1st March. Its likely we may have dead bodies infected with covid19.

9. Develop clear SOPs on dead bodies testing & burials.

10. Government must publish the National Covid19 Humanitarian response plan so we can hold them accountable….

Positive note ?- apart from South Africa we have done more tests in the whole of Africa. Our mortality rate is 1.5% (8/566) but our recovery rate is low- 0.7%(4/566).

Ato Coleman is Former Country Director, Plan International Sierra Leone, Fellow of IMANI Africa, Visiting Professor of HR, International School of Management, Senegal

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