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To Hon Muntaka Mubarak: Requesting Parliamentary Enquiry Into Uni-Pass Contract to Prevent Disruption to Ghana’s Progress on Trade Facilitation

In March 2018, Ghana Link network Services Limited, in collaboration with Customs UNI-PASS International Agency (CUPIA) of Korea Customs Services, were contracted by the Ministry of Trade and Industry1 to introduce UNI-PASS to the ports system.

Since June 2018, IMANI has sent a number of letters with questions about this contract and how it will be implemented, with no answers given by the government. It has become even more important that these questions are answered given that UNI-PASS is due to start implementation in January 2019. IMANI has been studying the port systems, specifically the paperless port process, and would like to understand the implications of adopting UNI-PASS on the turnaround times and the costs.


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