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IMANI’s Vice President Explains Why the Government’s Luxury Tax on Vehicles is Drain on our Pockets

So, a friend of mine went to renew the papers of her 2010 Honda Pilot.

It has a 3.6 liter Engine. She was made to pay 2,000 cedis. Then the usual roadworthy and other things. Before insurance. Now because of this increment she is going to afford only 3rd party.

This car wasn’t bought in anticipation of any of these increments because it had never been policy. The value of the car has greatly depreciated.

She can’t buy a small car because the roads to her house require a car with high ground clearance since the brilliance of the local authorities mean that she has to cross a few open gutters and gulleys that will drown any car with rim size if below 17 inches.

Meanwhile every year there is the inevitable trip to the mechanics to buy shocks, shafts, link bars and stabilizer bars and hubs.

Her salary hasn’t increased in tandem with inflation. She works hard. When fuel increases, she buys “pepeepe”. She is paying for phenomena not her fault because someone who drives a 5 liter V8 with free fuel and a driver who cuts deals and is totally insulated from her suffering to make ends meet and pay her domestic bills thinks that on top of all her burdens, she has to pay more because we have psyched people to think that they are rich.

Someone works hard, sweats every day, tries to earn enough to live while making it decently and someone else sits there and says they are richer and slaps fines on them for trying to make their own lives more convenient? The lame excuse that it’s for a greater cause is appalling.

No wonder everyone wants to be a politician. You can make very interesting decisions which you don’t bear the brunt of because if the perks received. Afterall, someone else pays so you don’t see why there is a fuss.

Keep pontificating. People too will be looking at their voters ID cards. I’m not opposed to a road tax. I just believe that it should be progressive, sensible and reflect economic realities. Nobody in a country like Ghana should spend the equivalent of its per capita income just to be able to keep their car LEGALLY on the road.

By: Selorm Branttie.


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