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Press Release: New Report Identifies Potential Strategies to Reform Ghana’s Health System Towards Sustainable Health Financing

Innovation and Collaboration is Essential to Ensure Access to Necessary Medicines.

ACCRA, GHANA (September 18, 2017) – IMANI Center for Policy and Education released new research today that examines potential strategies for reforming Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme towards a more sustainable system of health financing. The organization discussed key findings and proposed solutions at the Increasing Access to Medicines event, hosted by global public policy and advocacy organization Geneva Network, in New York last week. The international forum convened thought leaders from think tanks and civil society to discuss challenges and potential solutions to improving access to medicines.


“It’s critical for our citizens to access potentially lifesaving medicines, not only for the health and wellbeing of Ghana’s population, but also as a means for controlling long-term costs that arise when people can’t treat or successfully manage their conditions. As we think about ways to improve access to medicines, it’s imperative that we address a true barrier in our country: health financing. Without sustainable funding for health systems, among other factors, we cannot ensure patients have access to the medicines they need,” said Franklin Cudjoe, founding president and CEO of IMANI.

As the United Nations gathers international leaders for its General Assembly in New York this week, the research encourages delegates to focus on proactive solutions that address the real barriers standing between people around the world and the medicines they need. Weak health financing is one such barrier that can be improved.

Historically, much of the international conversation about medicines access has singularly focused on undermining intellectual property rights. Yet, as the new IMANI research demonstrates, a comprehensive and collaborative approach is required to truly improve the access issues faced in Ghana and by millions around the world. This includes addressing the complex factors keeping essential medicines out of reach for those who need them most, like health financing, as well as issues with supply chains, health care infrastructure, patient education and workforce.

To view the report, “Reforming the National Health Insurance; A Way to Sustainable Health Financing,” visit: https://imaniafrica.org/2017/09/08/imani-report-reforming-national-health-insurance-pathways-sustainable-healthcare-financing/

The report can be republished as originating from IMANI  without prior permission from IMANI.

About IMANI Center for Policy & Education

IMANI Center for Policy and Education is one of Africa’s leading think tanks, recently ranked second most influential think tank in sub-Saharan Africa, procuding high-quality, relevant receearch. IMANI Center focuses on working with governments, businesses and civil society to share the national, regional and global agenda. For more, visit imaniafrica.org.


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