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Some gaps our Amicus Brief wanted to cure with Legal and Statistical Evidence: It is NOT true that Ghana’s Voter Register is bloated and has many foreigners!

Please pay attention to the gaps identified in the applicants’ briefs, which we sought to cure. But first- According to national census data with appropriate adjustments made for net migration and population growth, there are only 350,000 foreigners in Ghana, out of a population of 30 million people. The likelihood therefore that a person claiming […]

Press Statement RE: Supreme Court Amicus Brief Ruling

Fellow Patriots, As you may by now have heard, we proceeded to Court to argue that the issues in the current proceedings related to the EC’s decisions and conduct are not purely legal in nature. In many ways the law is very clear: only Ghanaians can vote, and every effort should be made to ensure […]

Read for yourself: The Amicus Brief that was not accepted by the Supreme Court

Amicus update. Supreme Court says, our amicus brief was filed so late. That we should have filed a new application and finally our amicus supports one party so we can’t file it. We are disappointed but we hear. We wanted to help, the august Court says no. Final judicial power means final judicial power. We […]

IMANI Q&A: How to Discredit an Election

If someone had assembled the world’s smartest people and given them the task to design the surest way to discredit the outcome of an impending election and stain the reputation of one of Africa’s most respected democracies, they wouldn’t have come up with anything more effective than what Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) is now doing. […]