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IMANI Report: Final Output-based Assessment of the 2012 NDC Manifesto

This is the final report on the implementation of the 540 promises in the 2012 NDC Manifesto entitled ‘Advancing the Better Ghana Agenda’.

Understanding the report 

This report is part of our IMANIFesto Program, a framework that assesses political parties’ manifestos using a coding system comprised of quantitative indicators.

This report examines whether the deliverables in the ‘Advancing the Better Ghana Agenda’ are being provided. It does not intend to assess the outcome or impact of the output on the well-being of Ghanaians. However, Imani recognizes the importance of the impact of policies or deliverables on the well-being of Ghanaians. Therefore an impact survey was conducted in a separate analysis with a sample size of over 10,000 respondents across regions with proportional representation considerations. See th results of our analysis here .

In summary, Imani’s output-based assessment of NDC’s manifesto promises yielded an overall result of 52.9% indicating that about 53% of the promises made by the NDC government in 2012 have been achieved. Based on Imani’s designated scale, 52.9% is interpreted as Fair performance. This means that the NDC government did not perform poorly under President Mahama in terms of keeping its promises. But at the same time, the NDC government under President Mahama did not excel in keeping its promises to Ghanaians. More particularly, President Mahama’s administration has not fulfilled about 47% of the promises that it made to Ghanaians during the 2012 elections.

Read the full report here



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