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Occupy Ghana Press Notice: Press Conference 100 Days after the 1st July 2014 Public Demonstration against Bad Economic Governance

Notice is hereby served by OccupyGhana of a Press Conference to mark 100 days of Issues presented to the President of Ghana on 1st July 2014.

This Press Conference will be held at the International Press Center on Wednesday, 15th October, 2014 at 11:00 am PROMPT.

Clothed with the right to assembly and protest under the rule of law; and despondent about the persistent rot sinking the nation; coupled with unacceptable actions and omissions of government and public officials and agencies, hundreds of Ghanaians representing millions from all walks of life, who had become fed up with the abysmal state of economic decay and misgovernance, staged a protest, braving rain and police harassment.

We marched to flagstaff house and petitioned the President of Ghana to act swiftly in order to redeem Ghana’s galling domestic and international image as a “Republic of Corruption”, waste, unaccountable governance and economic atrophy, barely three years after recording significant revenues from oil and growth in GDP of 14%.

On 1st July 2014 we demanded real determinable and effective action against the worsening state of affairs manifested in a nationwide increase in erratic supply of electricity, unreliable supply of potable water across the country, the ever-depreciating value of the Cedi, constant increases in taxes and utility tariffs, inefficient and corrupt acts in revenue collection, very poor road networks, unpardonable arrears with statutory payments to crucial social services like education, health and sanitation.

The Press Conference is to review what has happened 100 days after 1st July 2014, update ourselves on what we know has been done and has not been done, and to offer suggestions on the way forward with respect to the issues raised in the 1st July 2014 petition and arising from it.   We will also outline our next line of actions to demand responsible governance and national development.  We Occupy for God and country.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


George Andah for OccupyGhana Council


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