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Qualifying Certificate in Law, Ghana Law School, Accra Ghana, Post Graduate Bachelor of Laws LLB Degree, University of Ghana, Accra – Ghana, MBA (Marketing), University of Ghana, Accra – Ghana, BA (Hons) Geography and Resource Development, University of Ghana, Accra Ghana.

Nationality: Ghanaian

Country experience: 

Ghana, Egypt, USA, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, UK, Morocco, South Sudan, China and India.

Mr. Kofi Bentil is a practicing Lawyer and Managing Partner at Lex Praxis Incorporated. He is also a Business Strategy Lecturer and Consultant. He lectured in Ashesi University, and the University of Ghana Business School (Executive MBA). He also holds many corporate training sessions each year in Business Strategy and Services Marketing and Management Skills.

Kofi is active in Ghanaian Civil Society. He is Senior Vice President and Policy Analyst with Imani Ghana, voted among the top Think Tanks in Africa and one of the leading Think Tanks in Ghana. Kofi handles several areas including Energy policy, Education, and infrastructure. 
 He founded OccupyGhana, and is a founding member of Citizen Ghana Movement, both vibrant civil society organisations in Ghana. He has been involved in many public interest court cases with significant impact on issues like the Right to Information amongst others.

He is a Consultant with expertise and experience in varied Service industries, especially Financial Services where he has held Management Positions and Consulted to many companies. He has helped many small businesses improve capacity, undertake reengineering, staff rationalization and operations optimization. He has consulted to start-ups, and large enterprises as well. He holds many training sessions every year.

In 2005 he was honoured by the World Bank (and partners) with the Global Development Marketplace Award, an award recognizing contribution to, and expertise in Entrepreneurship.

In 2009 Kofi was inducted into the Africa Leadership Network, a wing of the Aspen Institute’s Global Leadership Network.

In 2015 Kofi was given an Award for “Visionary Guidance and undaunting Leadership” for his work with YALI, West Africa Regional Leadership Centre. YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) is a program initiated and launched by President Obama to support young African leaders across Africa.

Kofi Bentil is active in the technology industry, and was a Founding Executive Member of GASSCOM, The Ghana Association of IT Services Companies. He worked with many partners including the World Bank to improve I.T. infrastructure and Services in Ghana. He also taught Entrepreneurship at the Kofi Annan ICT Centre in Accra. Kofi is an Advisor to mPedigree, a medical technology start-up firm.

In his previous professional life Kofi Managed Marketing and Business Strategy for I.T. Companies and Enterprise Insurance Company limited, Ghana’s Second Largest Insurer.