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Evans Lartey

Director of Strategic Partnerships & Development

Evans Lartey is a TED Global Fellow with extensive experience on the international development landscape. He brings a unique and rare international proficiency in strategic partnerships, corporate social responsibility, and socio-economic research to Imani. Mr. Lartey has continually honed his skills by working with the world’s brightest minds in several ultra-competitive international assignments at the University of Washington – USA, and the University of St. Gallen – Switzerland.

He has published in respectable outlets and is adept in working with multiple stakeholders, building trusting relationships with partners, and enlisting the participation and support of a broad range of interests towards mutually beneficial goals. His career is littered with several awards and his reputation in leveraging resources and managing high impact teams is legendry.

Mr. Lartey oversees strategic developments that impact Imani’s ability to fully meet its objectives. He leads external outreach on behalf of Imani, and provides overall direction and guidance for the development of near- and long-term strategies for institutionalization and sustainment of our advocacy and development efforts.

He cultivates and builds strategic partnerships with corporations, development partners, and private foundations that have a complementary or shared interest in IMANI’s work. He leads Imani’s engagement with industry leaders across multiple sectors, top tier global companies, and international partners to understand the transformational effects, and impact of Imani’s work.”