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IMANI CPE invites you to a stakeholder meeting on trade facilitation and revenue mobilisation on 1st November, 2018 at Coconut Grove Regency Hotel at 9am.

Ports in Ghana play an important economic role; as well as facilitating trade, they are an important source of revenue for the government. Their role has become more important in light of the agenda and urgent need to industrialise the Ghanaian economy. Achieving an efficient port, however, is not static. Conditions for efficiency are constantly evolving as the world changes. Since the construction of the Port of Takoradi in the 1920s and since Ghana’s independence, activities at the ports have undergone continuous reforms to ensure that they meet business needs for affordability and reliability, as well as government’s revenue mobilisation needs.

In recent years (specifically in the past decade), efforts to increase efficiency and enhance revenue have intensified, with the introduction of reforms such as the Ghana National Single Window, advanced shipping information system, the paperless port, joint destination inspection and a cargo tracking note system among others. While some gains have been made by implementing these reforms, they have not been without challenges. Stakeholders of the ports have often complained of limited consultation processes prior to the implementation of reform initiatives and as such have had little ownership of the initiative. Government have also complained about the attitude of the private sector in receiving some of these initiatives. To achieve the objectives of reforms and an efficient port thereof, there is a need for a joint effort and ownership of initiatives to address emerging challenges of trade facilitation and revenue mobilisation.

The Forum is an honest, open and high-level platform for stakeholders to discuss and suggest practical solutions to emerging factors and challenges affecting port efficiency and revenue mobilisation in Ghana, with focus on recent developments such as the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) and developments in the Single Window project. The forum also seeks to align the incentives of major stakeholders in promoting relevance, coherence and smooth implementation of all port related policies in Ghana.

To confirm your participation in this event, kindly email info@imanighana.org or ankrumah@imanighana.org. Alternatively, you can call 0554309966.

We look forward to your acceptance and participation