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Press Statement: IMANI-GIZ Reform Dialogue on How Ghana’s 17th IMF Program Will Impact Investment in the Agricultural and Manufacturing Sector

IMANI GIZ on Ghanas 17th IMF Programme

Accra, 28 August 2022 — The IMANI Centre for Policy and Education (“IMANI CPE”) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (“GIZ”) on 24 August 2022 held this year’s third  and final Reform Dialogue Series (RDS) on the theme “How Will Ghana’s 17th IMF Program Impact Investment in the Agricultural and Manufacturing Sector?”. The […]

Who Owns Ghana Card & the Story of NIA’s Incompetence

NIA press release on Bright Post

IMANI received through one of its Vice Presidents a statement from the Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA) purporting to be an official response signed by one “Abdul-Ganiyu” to a tweet by an honorary executive of ours, Bright Simons. We have noticed this evening that the statement has been blasted across the NIA’s […]

Bright Simons on Why Ghana Dashed to the IMF

After emphatically rejecting the IMF as a source of relief from Ghana’s escalating economic woes, the Ghanaian government stunned observers with its abrupt announcement of a U-turn. It is not just that the Ghanaian authorities were disinterested in an IMF solution, they invested significant amounts of political capital undermining its suitability. They accused the Opposition party of having gone to the IMF […]

Press Statement

  Press Statement IMANI-GIZ Reform Dialogue on Ghana’s Digitalizing Agenda and the Fourth Industrial Revolution Accra, 22 June 2022 — The IMANI Centre for Policy and Education (“IMANI CPE”) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (“GIZ”) on 22 June 2022 held this year’s second IMANI-GIZ Reform Dialogue Series (RDS) on the theme “Ghana’s […]

Bright Simons writes: 17 Notes in Ghana’s 17th IMF Tune

News on Republic day (1st July 1960 was when Ghana ditched Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State) that Ghana is to return to the IMF for the 17th time in its history hit some nationalists and pan-Africanists very hard. Members of the country’s ruling party who have bought wholesale into the government’s “Ghana Beyond Aid” mantra […]

Why is Ghana’s fintech tax not finding favour? – Bright Simons

With its new fintech tax, Ghana will slow down anti-poverty effects of money transfer within the country, boost inflation and stifle innovation, argues Bright Simons. The government faction in Ghana’s parliament recently passed a controversial 1.5% tax on digital financial services, known as e-levy, after a walkout by the opposition, which is still trying to […]

How the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict will impact Ghana’s post-COVID economic recovery.

The seismic aftershocks of Russia’s invasion of its neighbour, Ukraine, on 24 February 2022 continues to reverberate across the globe. As members of the United Nations Security Council, Ghana, Kenya and Gabon have publicly condemned Russia’s actions in a vote cast during an emergency session on 25 February 2022. While the reasons for the invasion are many, the conflict is already taking its […]

PS: Sovereign Rating Bias Against Africa

Ghana’s recent downgrading by Moody’s and the country’s angry response has triggered a flurry of commentary about the broader issue of bias in the ratings issued for African countries by three large Western corporations. I recently wrote a piece that sought to look at the matter comprehensively. But judging by the feedback I have received […]