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THE OTHER MATTER ABOUT COVID-19: How are we treating increased biomedical waste?

1. There is no doubt there is an increase in all forms of waste occasioned by covid-19 particularly biomedical waste as a result of the manufacturing of billions of PPEs, laboratory test equipment etc.  2. In May 2016, IMANI conducted a study on the state of biomedical waste treatment in Ghana and urging the then […]

COVID-19’s Impact on FDI – What Could be done in Ghana’s Oil Sector

COVID-19’s Impact on FDI- What Could be done in Ghana’s Oil Sector by Franklin Cudjoe, Founding President & CEO. Admittedly, the economic impact of COVID-19 is incalculable until the one-ten thousandth of a millimetre in diameter virus, as the Economist describes it, is completely eradicated from the surface of the earth. However, educated guesses and […]

IMANI Alert: Institute of Public Projects Excellence; A Better Way to Fight Procurement-Inspired Corruption

Introduction Although Ghana’s label as Africa’s second most corrupt country by the Ghanaian media was a wrong interpretation of Transparency International’s “People and Corruption: Africa 2015” report[i], Ghanaians seem to have resigned themselves to the fate that their country’s leadership has significant challenges in curbing the practice with the speed needed.   We are aware […]