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Six Key Leadership of Committees of Kenya’s Parliament hold discussion with IMANI

On June 8 2023, the leadership of Six Watchdog Committees of the Kenyan National Assembly ( Parliament) engaged IMANI to understand the role non-state actors play in demand side accountability. These are the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), the Public Investments Committee on Governance & Education, the Public Investments Committee on Commercial Affairs & Energy, the Public Investments Committee on Social Service, Administration and Agriculture, the Special Funds Accounts Committee (SFAC) and the Decentralized Funds Accounts Committee.

These 6 committees were constituted following the commencement of the 13th Parliament in accordance with the Kenyan National Assembly Standing Orders. The lawmakers were so interested in IMANI’s Fiscal Reckless Index and wondered why Kenya should not have such an index.

We also advised them to ensure the Kenyan government does not borrow recklessly and defaults in paying their debt. The leader of the delegation gave us a box of Kenya’s trade mark tea- in return we gave him a copy of the latest IMANI Fiscal Recklessness Index. All members of the delegation were given copies.


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