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The Manifesto war has began and IMANI is mediating

This week has been lively with increased political activity as Ghanaians learn to live with covid-19 in spite of increasing spread.  The opposition NDC launched a tracker of the ruling NPP’s manifesto to gauge the rate of execution and returned a 14% verdict.  Naturally, this did not go down well with the ruling party and it reacted.

IMANI was asked by varied media to help ‘settle the manifesto war’.  In one of the interviews I granted on the issue, I [explained that the NDC may not be objective with the rating due to the populism attached to the exercise saying the score, “in the realm of politics are allowed but they are very stingy”].

The news reported further “Mr. Cudjoe further reiterated his happiness with the exercise as it exhibits how manifestos are becoming an important element in Ghana’s democracy, rather than being a mere document. “We are moving forward and I think it is important” he told host, Akua Boakyewaa Yiadom. He nevertheless averred that, the political parties should map out means of financing their manifesto promises, instead of relying on taxation.”

Some background information

2019 Progress Report: IMANI rates NPP gov’t 48.78% for delivery on 2016 manifesto promises. News report: https://citinewsroom.com/2019/12/imani-rates-npp-govt-48-78-for-delivery-on-2016-manifesto-promises/

This is a satisfactory progress, according to the IMANI MANIFESTO ASSESSMENT (IMMA) Framework, although it sits in the lower bounds of this interpretation. Disaggregating this performance, the NPP government scores, 54.35 percent in the delivery of its commitments on the economy, 46.21 percent on governance, and 46.44 percent on infrastructure. The government scores 39.13 percent and 43.78 percent on human capital development and social services respectively. NPP’s final score card will be delivered in October 2020.  By IMANI’s count, the ruling NPP made 510 promises. See full progress report @ https://imaniafrica.org/2019/12/11/imanifesto-2019-an-assessment-of-the-npp-government-election-promises/
It is instructive to know In July 2015 IMANI published a progress report on the level of execution of the 540 promises. The NDC was awarded a performance score of 47%.  The final report of IMANI’s work established that the NDC implemented 52.9% of their 2012 Manifesto

News Report: July 29, 2015. IMANI Scores NDC 47% In Policy Delivery http://infoboxdaily.com/imani-scores-ndc-47-in-policy-delivery-2/
“Policy think-tank, IMANI, Ghana has scored the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) 47% in terms of how the Party has delivered on its 2012 manifesto [with one year left of its mandate].

While the economy scored 36.4%, governance and social policy scored 43% and 49% respectively.  Infrastructure, on the other hand, scored 51.36%”. You can download the final output assessment of the NDC in 2016 @ https://imaniafrica.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/NDC_IMANIFESTO_FINAL_ECONOMY-All-Final.pptx




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