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Voices of political campaign in Ghana, 60 years of political contest, 8 elections and 4 coup d’états

IMANI Center for Policy and Education and SOAS & SPURS Limited, a Ghana-based media production house respectfully invite you to the premiering of a film that aptly tells the political and economic history of one of Africa’s most stable democracies in 90 minutes.

Voices of political campaign in Ghana, 60 years of political contest, 8 elections and 4 coup detat. The story of Ghana’s political and economic history told in 90 minutes

This is a film about the evolution of political campaigning in Ghanaian politics since 1956.  The film among others seek to question whether campaigning style reflects the direction of the ultimate vote. What have been the most recurring themes over the past 60 years and which voices have been the most resonant in addressing the themes to the electorate in these specific time periods?

Have their successors been able to carry on today or are the same mistakes being made, or have lessons been learnt in current campaign strategy and methodology?  For example, the history of the choice of running mates is very insightful in determining factors political heavy weights consider.   So is the way the media gets to be manipulated by the campaign teams of the various political parties.  This revealing film bares it all from the eyes of insiders in a way never seen before.

Ace broadcast journalist Paul Adom-Otchere adds a unique perspective to the narration of the events falling back on 20 years of broadcast journalism experience at the core of events that have shaped the nation.

The venue for what promises to be an exciting event is the College of Physicians and Surgeons on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 29, 2016 at 5:00 PM prompt.

A panel discussion and a great reception will follow.

Please RSVP Programmes and Events Director, Josephine on 0302 972 939 or 055 430 99 66 or email info@imanighana.org



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