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Franklin Cudjoe’s Easter Message:  Make Ghana’s 2016 Election Politics Cleaner

As we celebrate Easter the world over, Founding President and CEO of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe, writes about the need for political actors and other stakeholders to work towards a clean, healthy and competitive election come November 7, 2016. Read his full message below.

IMANI News Room 

The Lord is risen. Death could not hold sway over him. May we rise with The Lord and consign our vain acts and thoughts to the catacombs of death. Lord Jesus, we pray that this election season will not be one full of high octane spin and propaganda without value. That all issues will be properly analysed without the usual shrill from all sides of the political divide.

Lord God, strengthen all civil society to step up on the effort to enhance proper political competition, for as we have always known and seen, there is very little difference in the attitudes to development across the political divide. We know that much of the rancour is therefore hot air, with little in the way of deep convictions or ideological differences.

Father  God, cure us in Ghana from aloofness which only creates an alarming sense of chaos and confusion in the political process, with different actors, both inside and outside their particular political groupings, running helter skelter without a clear sense of direction.

Father Lord, may you touch all our hearts to submit to democratic processes and give critical thinking by those whose job it is, the pride of place in our discourses. May you touch our hearts to learn that sometimes to show strength we have to admit our weaknesses. Father God, give us the courage to step back and return to the basics about the national agenda and collective social vision.

Happy Easter everyone!

Franklin Cudjoe

Founding President & CEO,

IMANI Africa


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