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Good Job Mr. President!

News | By Franklin Cudjoe | IMANI Center for Policy and Education

Three cheers for Ghana’s President, Mr. John Dramani Mahama. One, for his dexterity in calming nerves in the most heated elections in Africa in recent times- Nigeria! His Chairmanship of ECOWAS notwithstanding, his towering influence on President Goodluck Jonathan was significant enough for the opposition to trust his judgement.

Second, Mahama understands the economic implications of a stable Nigeria on the region and in particular Ghana. Ghana is slowly becoming the hub for services and Nigeria is vital in that equation because of numbers and varied interests that must spill over into Ghana first, before others in the region.

Third and final cheers to President Mahama for intervening in Togo’s potentially volatile elections. A ten day extension in voting time may not be enough but he is calming nerves in that tiny country. He must however ask Togolese President to respect his people and prepare an exit strategy for himself after his potential third term bid comes to an end. It makes no democratic and modern sense for Togo to have a limitless tenure for Presidents in her constitution! 

Finally, may president Mahama be focused on getting things right in his home too. May he be bolder to take the tough decisions to salvage Ghana’s tottering economic image. Yes, he can and must leave a befitting legacy!

Franklin Cudjoe is CEO and Executive Director of IMANI Center for Policy and Education. 

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