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IMANI’S 2014 Best and Worst Public Sector Institutions in Ghana

IMANI has always advocated the need for public institutions to be guided by the progressive ideas of asserting their independence from their appointing authorities, effectively and transparently communicating their work to the public in order to achieve transformational leadership. These basic guidelines collectively help a country in the provision of public goods, such as sound regulation, enforcement of sensible laws, ensuring quality standards where they are needed and above all provision of security for our lives and property.  This was to be the basis for IMANI to reluctantly offer rare praise for doing what was expected of public office holders and civil servants who we pay through taxes.

It also fits our mission statement, which is to subject any government policy that is likely to have systemic implications for development to basic ‘value for money’, ‘due diligence’ and ‘rational choice’, ‘public choice’ and ‘vested interest’ analysis and then actively engage in public advocacy to publicize the results, with a view to promoting peace and prosperity through human flourishing.

As we celebrate 10 years of informing people and influencing policies, our own reflection over the contribution of the public sector to Ghana’s development has been one of disappointment as we have witnessed the slowest public reform efforts over the last decade. This has become worse with the incredible amount of brazen scandals within some public institutions. In spite of the overwhelming crisis of confidence, some public institutions are struggling to live up to their mandate and values, hence the need to recognize and applaud them for providing leadership.

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IMANI’S 2014 Best and Worst Public Sector Institutions in Ghana

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