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IMANI Report On Ghana Gas Project

NB: This IMANI Report was initially published on April 5 2013. We are making it available for whoever wishes to access it.

We were pleasantly surprised when the Ghana Gas Company responded to our request to tour the
ongoing early phase gas infrastructure project (EPGIP) with immediate enthusiasm. We are not used
to that from government agencies, and certainly not from agencies involved in the energy sector.
GNPC, for instance, is shadowy and arrogant, and aloof and unresponsive to any sense of public
accountability or transparency.

Not so Ghana Gas, as we discovered to our appreciation.
The company promptly agreed to send a number of its personnel to meet us at the Takoradi airport
and conduct us around key components of the project. Joining IMANI was the public interest
researcher and ‘local content [in the energy sector]’ specialist, Kwame Jantuah.
(Full disclaimer: he paid for his own air travel, just like IMANI’s research team.)
Starting at about 8:00am, approximately half an hour after we arrived in Takoradi, the tour ended at
3:30pm, permitting a good 7 hours of site visits, briefings and evidence gathering.
Because we arrived in the Takoradi area from Accra, the tour was conducted back to front, with the
IMANI team beginning at the destination of the processed gas, the Aboadze-based Takoradi Thermal
Processing Plant (TTPP) and ending at the landing point in Atuabo where the offshore pipeline
bringing the raw gas from the Jubilee fields connects with the onshore pipeline that will carry the gas
first to the processing plant a few meters off the coast, and then to the power plant at Aboadze.

Download the full report here.

IMANI Ghana Gas Initial Report 2013 April


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