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Does IMANI Ghana channel her views to any government at all?

I often get asked this question by some observers of IMANI. “Do you channel your views to governments?”
And I provide same answer:

1. Governments have many more eyes and ears than you, so what makes you read and listen to us is the same that makes everyone in government’s paid employ do same. The difference though is that they get paid to listen and read and hopefully apply. The end effect is to choose the grain from the chaff.

2. IMANI has no special purpose vehicle for delivering its message/work to any government entity. Our message is to the entire public, including governments. We do not seek to impress anyone with big lunches, loud cheers and photo opportunities. No serious think tank does that.

3. HOWEVER, whenever we have been invited by any government entity, we yield and offer our literate or illiterate opinions, BUT we will never seek comfort with Politicians who are paid to think and work for us. And we will never praise any government for doing its constitutionally and electorally mandated work.

4. HOWEVER, we will point to rare acts by public organizations that could be rallying points for activism for reforms and acknowledge same, as we have done with our Inspirational Public Sector Leader Award, which is in its third year. This partially sums up IMANI’s philosophy of governments anywhere in the world, not just on the streets of Katamanto and Cudjoeville.

Franklin Cudjoe, Founding President of IMANI Center for Policy & Education.



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